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Plate Cladding Systems

Aluminum Composite Material is typically the material of choice for flat cladding systems. However, in certain cases plate panel systems have an advantage over Aluminum Composite Material. Designed and fabricated correctly, a plate system can perform as well as an ACM system. Armetco uses special fabrication and perimeter extrusions in order to offer plate systems that equal ACM Systems in performance. And with the high performance post applied finishes available today, plate can be used without sacrificing quality. The following bullet points will help you determine which system is right for your project.

  • Panel Module Sizes - ACM is typically available in two standard widths. If your design requires a small quantity of ACM (Less than 3,000 SF), and the panel modules do not allow efficient use of ACM, plate may be an option.

  • Custom Colors - If your design requires a small quantity of metal cladding in a custom color, plate cladding may be an affordable alternative.

  • Impact Resistance - ACM is the material of choice for most flat cladding applications, but if your building has a need for metal cladding where higher impact resistance is a priority, plate may be needed. Armetco can help you decide the best and most economical solution, even utilizing both materials with the same attachment system and appearance.

  • Near perfect flatness not a requirement? - Although Armetco can provide plate systems that equal ACM in flatness, if flatness is not a requirement, lighter gauges can be used to provide an economical and yet attractive solution.

  • Exotic Materials - The Aluminum Composite manufacturers now offer composite panel in exotic materials such as Copper, Stainless, and Zinc. With the right quantities and panel sizes ACM may work well for your project, but in some cases a plate system using the same materials may be your best choice.

For more information, see the Cladding Selection Chart.

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